Always Flexible, Responsive, and Nimble

Not all manufacturers of custom fiber optic and electronic cables are equal. In fact, many are downright sub-par – slow, unresponsive, and hard to work with. 

Litra is the antidote to those guys. We designed our entire company around the concept of flexibility, responsiveness, and nimbleness to meet customer needs. 

Our comprehensive services include:

  • Ordering,
  • Assembly,
  • Testing, 
  • Supply chain management,
  • Packaging, 
  • Distribution, and 
  • Fulfillment.

Our services can be custom-tailored to fit your unique specifications and optimized to your purchasing and supply chain processes. 

Our services portfolio includes:

  • Re-termination & testing: refurbish damaged or suspect customer cables, especially broadcast, tactical and field test cables that are deployed and redeployed
  • Kitting services: piece parts for inventory to complex sets of items for service trucks & freight rail
  • Cable processing for sample evaluation
  • Cable cutting and re-spooling
  • Inventory, change and engineering control management
  • Package design
  • Distribution and fulfillment services
  • Supply chain management from 3rd party suppliers for single point of distribution
  • Control of finished goods to end-user destination

Speak with one of Litra’s consulting account experts at 800-445-4617 to see how flexible and responsive we are.