LMR-400 Jumpers

Low Loss Flexible Communications Coax Cable

Litra manufactures LMR-400 Jumpers with the most common coax connectors.  These cables are used in Antenna Feeder runs for GPS, LMR (Land/Mobile/Radio), WiMax, WirelessISP, WLAN, WLL (Wireless Local Loop) and SCADA applications.

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  • UHF Male
  • TNC Female
  • Polarity SMA Male
  • Polarity N Male
  • Right Angle DIN Female
  • N Male
  • 7/16 Din Male
  • Polarity TNC
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  • TNC Male
  • BNC Male
  • UHF Female
  • N Female
  • DIN Male
  • Right Angle N Male
  • SMA Male
  • Right Angle TNC Male
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